Practice Areas

Corporate Taxation

In the area of corporate taxation, our firm provides a “tailor-made” support to our clients, both IAS/IFRS and OIC adopters and in the various industries.


As far M&A and business restructuring are concerned, we assist our clients in (i) the structuring of transaction, (ii) the due diligence process, (iii) the negotiation of the tax-related clauses.

Rulings and Litigation

The firm has gained an appreciated experience in supporting clients in all of the relationships with the Administration, both judicially and in out-of-court procedure.

Financial markets

Our firm has acted as advisor of leading companies in the banking and financial sector (e.g. banks, management companies, investment funds).

Real Estate

Real estate and real estate finance are among our firm’s main business sectors.


Our firm has acquired significant experience in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. We have assisted leading investment companies in M&A, ordinary management and business reorganization transactions.