Massimo Desiderio


Massimo graduated with honors in Law from “La Sapienza” University of Rome, he then passed the bar and obtained his practice license in 1992. He joined Banca d’Italia in 1993, proceeding to work with Bussoletti, Nuzzo & Associates in 1997. Beginning in 2000, for two years he has been in charge of the legal department of Assogestioni. In 2002 he collaborated with Haarmann Hemmelrath & Partner in the Banking & Finance / Regulatory sector. Massimo also worked with Gianni Origoni Grippo & Partners from 2005 to 2010, and then continued with his own Firm.

He has a solid experience in financing transactions, special corporate transactions, litigation in contractual and corporate relationships and in dealing with regulatory and contractual profiles relating to investment services and collective investment schemes, with particular reference to the structuring, management and marketing of closed-end funds – particularly real estate funds -, in assisting supervised intermediaries in sanctioning proceedings within the competence of the Banca d’Italia or the Consob (Italian market regulation authority).

tel:  +39.06 811 56 482